USAF Fighter Force Procurement: A Comparative Analysis of the F-35 and F-15EX Programs

ARLINGTON, VA (September 8, 2020) — The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is pleased to announce a new entry in its Mitchell Forum short paper series, “Procurement for the United States Air Force’s Future Fighter Capabilities: A Comparative Analysis of the F-35 and F-15EX Programs” by U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Kade J. Leonard. An Electrical and Computer Engineering major, Leonard intends to pursue a career as an Air Force pilot.

As the Air Force anticipates a new period of great power competition, current procurement decisions take on an increasingly critical role. Chief among these is the choice between procuring the F-15EX or expanding the F-35 program. Given the changing threat environment, not only has the criteria necessary to evaluate the two options altered, but this decision also has long-term strategic implications. No longer can the aircraft be compared using purely physical characteristics; they must be analyzed with an eye toward preparing for future combat and future force needs. This mission-centric focus in program analysis sheds new light on the capacity of the F-35 to meet the future needs of the Air Force and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the F-35 program.

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