The Arctic Intersection: Site of the Next Collision with Russia?


Arlington, VA | March 30, 2022 — The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies announces a new entry in its Forum Paper series, The Arctic Intersection: Site of the Next Collision with Russia? by Col John Cody Mosbey, Ph.D., USAF (Ret.).

Especially in light of the threat posed by Russian expansionist ambitions laid bare in Ukraine, now is the time America must seriously consider the growing value of keeping the high north secure. In this paper, John Mosbey explores Russia’s growing military movements in the region, their motivations, and what the West has at stake. U.S. Arctic policy may nominally recognize the gravity of keeping the high north secure but has yet to define how it will do so. A strong Arctic deterrent posture could easily be considered as equally important to staving off continuing Russian aggression beyond its borders as U.S. force postures in Europe and the Pacific.

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