Space: The Digital Frontier

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is pleased to announce the publication of its submission to the 2023 Air Power Journal for the Dubai International Air Chiefs’ Conference (DIACC), titled Space: The Digital Frontier, and authored by Senior Fellow for Spacepower Studies Charles Galbreath.

Space operations are dependent on digital technologies for every command sent and bit of data received. The United States Space Force intends to embrace this dependency and integrate digital tools across the spectrum of their missions and functions. As a result, the vision, success, and setbacks they encounter can serve as a case study from which other spacefaring organizations can learn. The overlapping focus areas of Digital Workforce, Digital Headquarters, Digital Engineering, and Digital Operations frame the introduction of Space Force initiatives. Encompassing the infrastructure, data, tools, and processes of the Space Force, Digital Engineering’s objective is to establish an interconnected digital ecosystem for all Guardians.

Download Paper 2023 DIACC Air Power Journal
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