Mitchell Institute Unveils New Website

Arlington, VA | June 3, 2021 | AFA’s Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies launched a new website today, unveiling a platform that will better showcase its reports, podcasts, and video interviews with leading Air Force, Space Force, and other defense, government, and industry experts. 

Amid multiplying demands for aerospace power forces, the need for deeply researched and informative insight has never been greater on Capitol Hill and in the Pentagon. Mitchell studies and programs challenge conventional wisdom and recommend substantive change to inform critical national security decisions.

“This new website is about cultivating the next generation of aerospace power leaders,” said Lt Gen (ret.) David Deptula, Dean of the Mitchell Institute. “The new site is a greatly enhanced resource for both long-time followers and newcomers alike. It will be a guide to the airpower and spacepower issues and decisions forming the core of national security discussions today.”

The site will support the new Mitchell Institute Spacepower Advantage Research Center (MI-SPARC), headed by Hon Matt Donovan, director of MI-SPARC. “Having a central source for this kind of informed policy research is critical to shaping our nation’s conversation about the emerging warfighting domain in space,” Donovan said.

“With this new website, the Mitchell Institute not only presents a space for learning about and understanding the most important attributes of aerospace power, but also promotes a forum for aerospace professionals, from operators to experts in relevant fields, to shape the dialogue around how we can achieve the aerospace forces our nation needs in the future,” said Doug Birkey, Executive Director of the Mitchell Institute.

The new website features the Mitchell Institute’s expanding portfolio of policy papers, research studies, live and virtual event series, and podcasts. In highlighting this library of work, the new website exemplifies the Institute’s essential mission of research and education and serves as a lasting resource on all that is aerospace power.

About the Mitchell Institute.

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is an independent, nonpartisan policy research institute established to provide creative, insightful policy options that better empower our nation’s leaders by informing the national security debate, educating about aerospace power’s unique role in securing America’s global interests, and cultivating air-minded talent. The Mitchell Institute provides independent, sound analysis outlining the right solutions in the aerospace domain to protect our nation.

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