Episode 77: Closing the Weapons Gap: New Missile Technology Imperatives

In episode 77 of the Aerospace Advantage, Closing the Weapons Gap: New Missile Technology Imperatives, host John “Slick” Baum talks to Lt Gen Gus Guastella, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, and Maj Gen Jon Norman, USAF (ret) of Raytheon Technologies about where threats are driving next generation air-to-air missile requirements. Ask any defense leader or combat airmen and they will bemoan the problem of artificially restricting the combat potential of highly advanced aircraft like

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Episode 76 – Building Next Gen CSAR: HH-60W

In episode 76 of the Aerospace Advantage, Building Next Gen CSAR: HH-60W, host John “Slick” Baum talks to Sikorsky team members involved with developing and producing the next generation HH-60W combat search and rescue helicopter. The Air Force operates aircraft for decades, so introducing a new type is a big deal and it involves a lot of different nuances and processes we don’t always think about. Now some might ask—what’s the big deal? This is

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