Mitchell Institute’s 2022 Year in Review

Arlington, VA | January 17, 2023 | The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies Looking back at 2022,​​​​​ Mitchell Institute stands proud of the work the team accomplished in 2022. The numbers speak for themselves: 13 research studies and policy papers; 39 Aerospace Nation video panels with the top aerospace leadership; and 49 podcasts delving into key air and space issues. We did this at a time when national security threats continue to grow. This means the

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B-21 Raider: Resetting America’s Power Projection Edge

Arlington, VA | December 1, 2022 | The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies At the Mitchell Institute, the requirements for effective long-range strike options that bolster our nation’s deterrence and global security writ large have long been a focus of study. In anticipation of the December 2 reveal of the new and highly secretive B-21 stealth bomber, we have prepared a number of resources that delve into why the nation needs a modern long-range stealth

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