Operational Imperative Series: Defining the Next Generation Air Dominance System-of-Systems:

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies invites you to watch or listen to the next webinar in our Operational Imperative Series on Next Generation Air Dominance, or NGAD. Join us for a panel discussion with the Air Force leaders collaborating on this imperative: Maj Gen R. Scott Jobe, Director of Plans, Programs, and Requirements, Headquarters Air Combat Command; Maj Gen Heather L. Pringle, Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory; Maj Gen Evan C. Dertien, Commander, Air Force Test Center; and Brig Gen Dale R. White, Air Force Program Executive Officer for Fighters and Advanced Aircraft.

Autonomy, combined with 6th generation weapon system performance, is what our nation needs to meet the challenges of the future threat environment. Our panelists provide substantive insights on NGAD, ranging from requirements definition and program management to leading-edge engineering approaches and technology development.

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