Maneuver Warfare in Space: The Strategic Mandate for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion

The Mitchell Institute invites you to watch our rollout for our newest policy paper: Maneuver Warfare in Space: The Strategic Mandate for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion by Christopher Stone, Senior Fellow for Space Studies for the Mitchell Institute’s Spacepower Advantage Center of Excellence (MI-SPACE).

In an era where space is an increasingly contested domain, it is crucial to ensure satellites can maneuver to avoid threats and position themselves to best net mission effects. This demands new propulsion solutions. Panelists Dr. Ron Faibish, Senior Director of Strategic Development at General Atomics – Electromagnetic Systems Group; Dr. Micheal Leahy, Director of the Tactical Technology Office at DARPA; and Stone discuss why DOD must adopt a new force design that includes satellites with nuclear propulsion that are of capable of decisive defensive and offensive maneuver warfare operations in space.

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