Aerospace Nation: Lt Gen Andrew J. Gebara, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies invites you to enjoy Aerospace Nation with Lt Gen Andrew J. Gebara, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration.

With China engaged in a nuclear break-out, Russia upgrading its nuclear capabilities, plus Iran and North Korea aggressively pursuing their nuclear ambitions—a credible, capable, and safe U.S. nuclear deterrent is more important than ever. The imperatives are clear: to deter adversaries, reassure allies, and provide national leaders with key options whether in peacetime or war. That is why it is so important the U.S. pursue modernization for all three legs of its nuclear triad, including command and control. While present capabilities remain viable, their advanced age and the evolution of the threat environment demand new solutions. This is especially true for the Air Force’s intercontinental ballistic missile and bomber legs of the triad. Lt Gen Gebara is a key defense leader in this effort.

Our insightful discussion with Lt Gen Gebara explores modern operating realities, how deterrence is evolving given current adversary considerations, and how the Air Force is working to ensure its capabilities remain ready both today and in the future.

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