4.24 Aerospace Nation: Air Marshal Johnny Stringer, Deputy Commander of NATO’s Allied Air Command

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies invites you to enjoy Aerospace Nation with the Royal Air Force’s Air Marshal Johnny Stringer, Deputy Commander, NATO Allied Air Command.

As NATO celebrates its 75th anniversary, the organization’s mission is more important than ever. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, paired with a broader slate of global threats, demand a collaborative approach to safeguard our security interests with member nations. Airpower is a key means through which NATO members can both deter adversaries in times of peace and project decisive power in times of conflict. Member states routinely train for combined operations, with missions like the USAF’s bomber task force exercises and allied participation at Red Flag standing as key examples. The notion of allied NATO airpower is rapidly evolving thanks to a generational wave of modernization with member air forces, much of which is focused on 5th Generation technologies like the F-35 and RPA systems such as the MQ-9. Listen to our conversation with a key leader of NATO’s Allied Air Command to gain fresh insights about the command’s top issues as it adapts to a rapidly changing security environment.

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