Episode 98 – Building Aerospace Power: Implications for Tomorrow’s Industrial Base

In episode 98 of the Aerospace Advantage podcast, Building Aerospace Power: Implications for Tomorrow’s Industrial Base, John Baum chats with Kevin Michaels, Richard Aboulafia, and Michael Cisek of the Aerodynamic Advisory Group—a top analyst firm in this sector. America is an aerospace nation that spans innovation, production, sustainment, and consumer markets. Both commercial applications and the national security interests rely on the domains of air and space. This demands a robust industrial enterprise. However, the aerospace sector is facing significant turbulence. Surging demand for military recapitalization after a multi-decade drought, a commercial segment ravaged by COVID, new entrants in the UAV and space sector, and competition for talent from the tech world is making for a very challenging set of dynamics. This episode will assess the health of this sector and steps that can be taken to ensure the long-term viability of this capability and capacity. From a military vantage, it is essential the nation procure types like F-35, B-21, NGAD, KC-46, T-7, next gen CCAs, and a broad array of space capabilities. That demands the ability to innovate and produce. We can’t take that for granted.


Host: Lt Col (Ret.) John “Slick” Baum, Senior Fellow, The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

Producer: Shane Thin

Executive Producer: Douglas Birkey

Guest: Kevin Michaels, Aerodynamic Advisory Group

Guest: Richard Aboulafia, Aerodynamic Advisory Group

Guest: Michael Cisek, Aerodynamic Advisory Group

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