Episode 96 – ACC on Fighters, a New Air Mobility Manifesto, and the Latest on Ukraine: The Rendezvous

In Episode 96 of the Aerospace Advantage podcast, ACC on Fighters, a New Air Mobility Manifesto, and the latest on Ukraine: The Rendezvous, Mitchell Institute’s executive director Doug Birkey chats with Lt Gen Dave Deptula, USAF (Ret.), Anthony Lazarski, and Todd Harmer to discuss the air and space topics that you’ve seen in the national security headlines. This week, we cover Air Force and Space Force leader remarks from the Air and Space Force Association’s Air, Space, and Cyber Conference—an event that saw over 16,000 gather to discuss the key national security topics. Of particular interest are comments made by Air Combat Command Commander Gen Mark Kelly about the state of the Air Force’s fighter force and Air Mobility Command Commander Gen Mike Minihan on the need to up the service’s mobility game to meet future demands, especially when facing China. We also talk about the technology trends observed at the conference, the latest regarding the conflict in Ukraine, and what’s set for the Washington agenda this coming month. Join us for an insightful conversation.


Host: Douglas Birkey

Producer: Shane Thin

Executive Producer: Douglas Birkey

Guest: Lt Gen (Ret.) David Deptula, Dean, The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

Guest: Col (Ret.) Todd “Sledge” Harmer, Senior Vice President, American Defense International

Guest: Col (Ret.) Anthony “Lazer” Lazarski, Principal at Cornerstone Government Affairs

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