Episode 83 – Defeating Adversary Strikes: Next Gen Missile Warning and Tracking

In Episode 83 of the Aerospace Advantage podcast, Defeating Adversary Strikes: Next Gen Missile Warning and Tracking, John Baum chats with Mitchell Institute’s Chris Stone;  Lt Col Brandon “Coach” Davenport, former commander of the 2nd Space Warning squadron; and Dr. Davin Swanson, Chief Engineer with Raytheon Intelligence and Space about the threat posed by modern adversary missiles and key steps we need to pursue to defeat them. For decades, adversary nations have observed the advantages U.S. military forces have enjoyed thanks to robust long-range strike capabilities. Destroy the right combination of targets and an opposing military force has a hard time staying in the fight. That’s why our opponents have doubled down on developing their own long-range strike options through a range of missile technologies. They want to hold U.S. homeland targets and our forward operating bases at risk. Defeating a long-range strike threat starts with identification and tracking. This demands a new architecture and related set of capabilities.


Host: Lt Col (Ret.) John “Slick” Baum, Senior Fellow, The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

Producer: Daniel C. Rice

Executive Producer: Douglas Birkey

Guest: Chris Stone, Senior Fellow, The Mitchell Institute Spacepower Advantage Center of Excellence

Guest: Lt Col Brandon “Coach” Davenport, Former Commander of the 2nd Space Warning squadron, Speechwriter, USSF

Guest: Dr. Davin Swanson, Chief Engineer, Raytheon Intelligence and Space

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