Episode 145 — Regaining the Spectrum Warfare Advantage: Leadership Conversation

In Episode 145 of the Aerospace Advantage, Regaining the Spectrum Warfare Advantage: Leadership Conversation, Doug Birkey chats with the commander of the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing, Col Joshua Koslov to discuss the current state of this mission area, explain challenges and opportunities, define key concepts, and provide insights on future vectors.

Spectrum warfare is a crucial element of overall warfighting effectiveness.  At its core, it comes down to securing an information advantage, which facilitates more effective decision-making at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Spectrum warfare lies at the heart of concepts like JADC2 and ABMS—empowering data gathering, exchange, processing, and collaboration between various team members in the battlespace. It’s also a competitive realm: our adversaries seek to deny us this capability, and our forces seek to deny the same to our opponents.


Host: Douglas Birkey, Executive Director, The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

Producer: Shane Thin

Executive Producer: Douglas Birkey

Guest: Col Joshua Koslov, Commander, 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing

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