Episode 121 – China’s Diplomatic Ascent: Key Observations

In Episode 121 of the Aerospace Advantage, China’s Diplomatic Ascent: Key Observations, John “Slick” Baum talks with China expert Daniel Rice about how the Asian superpower is gaining increased influence around the globe. Much of this ties to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a large-scale infrastructure and investment project first put forward by Xi Jinping in 2013. Since then, it has served as a center piece of Chinese foreign policy. This episode explores how China is using BRI to spread its influence abroad and how BRI has evolved over time. We also discuss China’s strategic partnership and support of Russia, including how China is leveraging BRI to further this engagement.


Host: Lt Col (Ret.) John “Slick” Baum, Senior Fellow, The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

Producer: Shane Thin

Executive Producer: Douglas Birkey

Guest: Dan Rice, China Expert, Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Future Warfare, Marine Corps University

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