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Responses to Russian anti-satellite tests should be more about capability than condemnation

Defense News | December 1, 2021 | Christopher Stone | It is time for the United States to move beyond the strategic restraint posture coupled with the international shaming response to such ASAT testing events. The fact is, China and Russia are intent on creating a new norm where ASAT kinetic weapons testing is a key component of their deterrence and warfighting strategies. The U.S. must leverage its military institutions, like U.S. Space Command, to

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Reviving A “Weak” Department Of The Air Force

Forbes | October 25, 2021 | Lt Gen (Ret.) Dave Deptula | The Air Force has repeatedly tried to get Congress to allow it to retire its old aircraft and reduce its excess infrastructure to free up funds inside its own budget allocation to invest in modern capabilities, all to no avail. Now it is time for plan B. Without Congressional approval to retire its old aircraft, or to close excess infrastructure, and without any

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