Aerospace Power Facts & Figures

Understanding Information-Age Aerospace Operations

Information-Age Combat Power: Throughout the history of aerospace power, success has demanded collaboration between highly trained personnel and advanced industrial machines. The information age is radically altering this paradigm through the ability to gather mass quantities of information, rapidly process this raw data into actionable information, and collaborate with a broad range of combat assets in a highly integrated fashion. This trend is not unique to military applications. Wireless connectivity, powerful personal computing devices, and

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Effective, Efficient Operations

Effects-Based Operations Smart combat power is not just about projecting mass numbers of aircraft against a target. It demands harnessing key strengths and attributes to net desired goals in the most effective, efficient manner possible. For example, in the opening night of Desert Storm, twenty F-117 stealth fighters were able to strike 28 separate targets. Conversely, it took forty non-stealthy legacy aircraft to hit one target because of the need for electronic jamming aircraft, protective

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A Growing Threat

Surviving and Succeeding in Today’s Threat Environment The United States faces an inflection point with respect to power projection in an increasingly dangerous, contested, and complex security environment. Ever since the end of the Cold War, Americans have assumed their nation possessed military superiority, no matter the situation. However, the actions of multiple competing nations are steadily eroding this advantage. China and Russia are concurrently developing strategies and fielding advanced capabilities specially designed to counter

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