Press Release – Mitchell Institute Team Adds Two New Research Analysts

Arlington, Virginia | March 1, 2023

The Mitchell Institute is pleased to announce two additions to its research team: Aidan Poling and Christopher Byron have both joined as research analysts. The Mitchell Institute’s mission involves developing young professionals in airpower research and advocacy to ensure continued innovation in the air and space community. These analysts will also provide invaluable support as the Mitchell Institute continues its efforts to foster important conversations in the air and space national security community and remain on the cutting edge of research.

Aidan is currently finishing his Master’s in Security Studies at the Georgetown University Security Studies Program. He supports Mitchell projects on air and space power priorities and future capabilities. Prior to joining Mitchell, Aidan interned for the Atlantic Council’s Forward Defense Initiative, at the State Department’s Bureau of Arms Control Verification and Compliance, Multilateral and Nuclear Affairs Office, and for several House Representatives and local municipal candidates.

Christopher is a recent graduate with a Master’s in International Security from George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government. He supports research on a range of airpower topics. Prior to joining the Mitchell Institute, Christopher interned with the Hudson Institute’s Hamilton Commission on Securing America’s National Security Innovation Base, as well as with two House representatives. He is also a former Civil Air Patrol cadet and wishes to continue contributing to public knowledge and appreciation of the role airpower plays in American security and prosperity.

“Aidan and Christopher are part of the next generation of air and space power advocates. They will continue to promulgate the vision articulated by Billy Mitchell, that dominance in the air, and now space, are critical to American security,” said Lt Gen David Deptula, USAF (Ret.), Dean of the Mitchell Institute. “As the free world urgently responds to a new era of great power conflict, this generation will be instrumental in shaping air and space power choices our nation requires for decades ahead.”

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