Mitchell Institute Releases New Study: Survivability in the Digital Age

ARLINGTON, Va (August 2, 2017) —The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is pleased to announce the release its latest research study, Survivability in the Digital Age: The Imperative for Stealth by Maj Gen Mark Barrett, USAF (Ret.) and Col Mace Carpenter, USAF (Ret.). Both authors have extensive experiences in modern stealth aircraft operations, which inform this study: Barrett is an F-22 pilot and former F-22 wing commander, and Carpenter served as an F-117 pilot.

This Mitchell study about stealth provides a comprehensive unclassified assessment regarding the present-day and long-term viability of stealth technology, including a review of counter stealth capabilities. Barrett and Carpenter highlight that the ability to project power, without exposing undue vulnerability, is a tremendous advantage for the United States at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of conflict. However, with 25 years now passed since the famed initial night sorties of Operation Desert Storm, it is time to assess how stealth fits into the military power equation for today and tomorrow.

Barrett and Carpenter state that stealth is not a binary capability that either works or doesn’t. Instead, the technology has advanced over the years since its initial operational use, and is paired with a range of tactics to maximize its effectiveness in specific scenarios. While adversaries have invested in new technologies that seek to minimize the advantages of stealth, the threat environment has escalated similarly for traditional non-stealth aircraft. Because of this, and other factors, stealth is likely to serve as an invaluable military instrument for decades to come.

The Mitchell Institute Research Studies serve as an avenue for innovative, insightful, and effective ideas and solutions that strengthen and enhance aerospace power’s role in securing America’s interests.

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