The Future Fighter Force Our Nation Requires: Building a Bridge

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies invites you to watch the virtual release of its new Research Study, The Future Fighter Force Our Nation Requires: Building a Bridge, by Heather Penney, Senior Resident Fellow.

The U.S. Air Force’s fighter force is in crisis. After three decades of canceled, curtailed, and delayed investment in fighter aircraft modernization, the nation now finds itself with a small, fragile air superiority force. This is not just an Air Force problem, for no form of joint power is viable without control of the sky. Ships at sea, forces on the ground, space control centers, cyber facilities, logistics hubs, and more are simply not survivable when subject to high-intensity attacks from the sky.

Watch this event to better understand the options the Air Force has to modernize the fighter force in the near term, plus factors it should consider over the long run. There is no silver-bullet answer—this is a matter involving both capability and capacity, and any viable path forward requires a comprehensive set of investments.

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