Are Guardians Warfighters?

Arlington, VA | May 16, 2024 — The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies announces a new entry in its Forum Paper series, Are Guardians Warfighters?, by Col Charles Galbreath, USSF (Ret.), Senior Resident Fellow for Space Studies at the Mitchell Institute Spacepower Advantage Center of Excellence (MI-SPACE).

This position paper was submitted as part of a debate paper series from The Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy (CSPS). The debate paper series features essays on key national security space issues to clarify these debates and make them accessible to a broader audience. This first debate focused on “Should the Space Force Have a Warfighting-Centric Culture?” Col Galbreath argues that we need Guardians who understand the threats and operational environment, who are trained and ready to employ defensive and offensive space operations, and who understand what’s at stake if they fail. This mission requires a warfighting ethos, as it is essential for securing the capabilities and synchronizing the effects needed to deter a conflict with China, or win a conflict if deterrence fails.

The Forum presents innovative concepts and thought-provoking insight from aerospace experts here in the United States and across the globe. As a means to afford publishing opportunities for thoughtful perspectives, Mitchell Institute’s Forum provides high visibility to writing efforts on issues spanning technology and operational concepts, defense policy and strategy, and unique interpretations of changing geopolitical relationships.

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