An ISR Perspective on Fusion Warfare

By 2030, the threats facing the United States around the world will be formidable. They will have twice, if not three times, the lethality and range of today’s threats. Imagine a nation roughly 300 nautical miles (nmi) by 300 nmi in size, with a coastline bristling with anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD) weaponry. Such capabilities could include modern weapons such as hypersonic cruise missiles, fifth generation fighters, air-to-air missiles with 150 nmi ranges, digital adaptive electronic warfare waveforms, and perhaps long-range (300 nmi plus) and ultra-long-range (500 nmi) surface-to-air missiles (SAMs). Potential adversaries could enhance traditional ground-basedradar detection methods with advanced passive detection systems and possibly further augment them by acoustic detection means and advanced cyber abilities. These advances would contribute to an adversary’s primary goal of attacking and disabling our capabilities before we employ them.

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