A Comparative Analysis of USAF Fixed Wing Aircraft Losses in Southeast Asia Combat

The purpose of this report is to present an analysis of all USAF fixed-wing aircraft combat losses in Southeast Asia from 1962 through 1973. It is in part a follow-on to a previous Secret report titled “Analysis of USAF Fixed-Wing Aircraft Losses, Aircrew Casualties and F-l05 Damages in SEASIA Combat (U).” Many of the results of that analysis are incorporated herein. Section II provides official total figures on aircraft losses, the cost of same and a composite look at the status of downed crew members. Section III is an update of the previous analysis and includes all those losses suffered after the period covered in the original report. The aircraft covered in Section III represent those which either experienced the most losses and/or held other special significance. Section IV includes basic comparisons of loss rates and crew member survival rates for the aircraft considered. In Section V, specific comparisons are made among the F.-4, F-105 and F-l00 aircraft. In Section VI, evidence relating to the effectiveness of specific vulnerability reduction modifications is presented. Major conclusions from this and the referenced reports are in Section VII.

Comparative Analysis
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